Emile Fourie

Emile Fourie specializes in corporate structuring in private markets and financial liquid instruments with a specific focus on tax structuring and international tax. He has worked across various fields and across global jurisdictions with a focus on client solutions and structuring that allows clients to trade globally. He has built a golden track record with big names in the industry including KPMG; PWC and First Rand Bank.

Emile is a director of Orpheus Capital. Orpheus provides technical, operational and business consultancy services to leading companies operating in the UK, South Africa, Channel Islands, Israel, and Switzerland and assists with enablement across public, private and digital market assets. We provide technical skills and consultancy services out of reach for most companies and provide them access to our issuance platforms. Orpheus’s platform was born out of a need to bridge the gap between asset owners and their investors in a simple and transparent fashion. We enable our clients to thrive in the digital age by making assets manageable and bankable.