SAIFM Regulatory Summit 2024: Interconnectedness

The South African Institute of Financial Markets (SAIFM) proudly presents the 8th Annual Regulatory Summit, scheduled for 21 August 2024, at the Southern Sun, Sandton. This Summit serves as a vital platform for regulatory professionals and financial markets practitioners to engage on the intricate landscape of the financial markets. This year’s overarching theme is “Interconnectedness.”

The Regulatory Summit usually attracts between 100 and 130 delegates (in-person and virtually), consisting of senior executives, financial markets practitioners, compliance professionals, and officials from the JSE, National Treasury, FSCA, and the SARB. More information about SAIFM can be found here, and a link to information on past regulatory summits can be found here.

The keynote address will be presented by Mr. Vukile Davidson, Chief Director of Financial Markets and Stability. Mr. Davidson will speak about National Treasury’s perspective on upcoming legislative amendments, such as the Financial Markets Act Review, and core priorities for National Treasury.

The Summit will delve into the Beneficial Owner Requirements Under FATF, with the Financial Intelligence Centre addressing the practical implications and expectations of these new requirements.

The South African Reserve Bank will also speak to core projects such as the Reference Rate Reform. These strategic insights and opportunities to provide early feedback will play a critical role in shaping regulatory reform in the financial markets.

The summit’s programme features a broad range of topics that all speak to the interconnectedness of our markets and countries.

The Summit will look at how issues such as cyber security and third-party providers are impacting the resilience of financial markets and the regulatory frameworks governing them. It will address the rise of shareholder activism and the impact of voluntary carbon markets in South Africa. The Summit comes at a time when a significant percentage of the world’s population will have held political elections, and we explore the impact this has on regulatory direction globally. The role of business in enabling self-regulation will be demonstrated through a discussion on the Market Surveillance Code of Conduct.

The Summit will conclude with a session dedicated to “The Big Picture,” allowing participants to reflect on the day’s discussions and contemplate the future direction of regulatory frameworks in the financial markets sector.

In addition to the sessions, the Summit offers ample opportunities for networking and collaboration, enhanced this year with the event culminating in cocktails and dedicated time for these engagements. Participants can connect with fellow professionals, exchange ideas, and forge partnerships that drive regulatory excellence.

The 8th Annual SAIFM Regulatory Summit is a pivotal event for regulatory professionals navigating the interconnected landscape of financial markets. Join us in Sandton or virtually on 21 August 2024, as we chart a course towards a more resilient, transparent, and harmonised financial ecosystem.

For registration and further details, please email Melissa Joao at

We eagerly anticipate your participation in the Summit.